Mixed Cocktail - Rebrand Toolkit

We mixed it up with Tanqueray to produce a suite of taste-bud tantalising films, stills and social assets.

To promote Tanqueray’s new can designs for their range of pre-mixed gin based cocktails, we were tasked with rebuilding a set of social films and print stills. Working with client supplied assets, the main task here was to turn the flat artwork into fully realised, photorealistic 3D cans and insert them into a suite of films alongside pre shot footage.

Product visualisation requires a combination of artistic flair, and attention to detail.

 Often the supplied print artwork contains the clues needed to recreate the products faithfully, on other occasions it is an artistic choice. Knowing what will and won’t enhance the final image is key, and using those techniques alongside digital stage lighting to create the best product shot is the goal.


Getting Photoreal with it

Getting a photorealistic finish required paying attention to tiny details like embossed areas, condensation droplets and spritz. It also required us to recreate 3D versions of the appetising fruit that had been photographed garnishing each can.






Gavin Lester, Russell Traill, Duncan Burch, Terry Lee

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