Unity Falling Objects

Part 2 of our Rigid Body Particle Script in Unity. Almost real-time, but as the count increases exponentially, the simulation slows down. All dynamics are calculated on the CPU, but the visuals are calculated on a RTX 3090.

Including: Raytracing, Global Illuminations, Area Lights,HDRI,SSS, Motion Blur DOF, Considering writing a caching system, to resume simulations.

Using Unity (A RealTime GameEngine), we took a previous job, that took a long time to render, and converted this into a RealTime environment.

Rube Goldberg 

A test animation for a pitch that unfortunately didn’t happen.
Would be great to build this into a full piece, as we follow a ball along it’s journey through a series of mazes, bridges and paths!
Created in Cinema 4D and Redshift, but would be good to try this out in real-time in Unity or Unreal, even an interactive game!

A script built especially for SoftImage:XSI. Allows any object to be automatically duplicated over another objects surface. Built in controls allow the user to define various animation parameters to achieve building effects.

Stereoscopic 3D
We’ve done a number of tests into 3D Stereoscopic animation. Here’s one of them. We took our work for 4Music’s top 50, and re-outputted it for use with red/cyan anaglyph 3D specs. If you have a pair, pop them on and then click on the picture above to check it out. Unfortunately the video compression used for our web videos is destroying the effect a little, but it looks great uncompressed, honestly

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