Players Championship

Lumiere crafted the title graphics for one of the most important tournaments in the poker calander.

For these titles we wanted to bring a level of detail and elegance to the animation that befitted the tournaments status.


Playing loosely with the idea of a Bond style intro sequence, we concocted a journey that starts on a closeup of the iconic Pokerstars playing card designs, and deep dives into a world of flying chips, falling cards, trophies surrounded by gold dust, and eventually finding the tournament top table, before pulling back out to reveal that we are still within the playing card design.

Closeup to the Players Championship platinum pass, now fully formed, which players had to win throughout the year to qualitfy for this special tournament. 


A custom simulation was made for the formulation of the Players Championship card. 

Close attention was paid at all times to the movement and texture of the assets, as well as the lighting which we kept moody, yet somehow still bathed in a golden light. Overall it was a great success.

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PokerStars_PSPC_2023_Still_Compare_AO PokerStars_PSPC_2023_Still_Compare_Beauty

Getting the details right

We used the detailed imagery created for PokerStars cards and brought that into 3D, animating these segments of the card to make up the background. This gave depth to the image and a subtle layer of movement for the volumetric lights to move against. 

Render showing the detail of the model we made for the Stadium Series. 





Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Russell Traill

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