Water Simulation VFX 

For the release of Valve’s latest game – ‘CounterStrike GO – Operation Riptide Tomb Stone’ – NZ based Lost Cosmonauts teamed up with Lumiere’s Fluid department for the creation of various water interactions.

From puddle ripples, bullets firing into water and creating slo-mo explosion, to an epic splash as our hero rises out of the lake.

The technical issues here was the varying time scale, from real-time to super slo-mo, back to real-time. Whilst also being close up to interacting fluids, we new this was going to be a big, complex simulation!

A technique involving creating the main simulation, time ramping in 3D post, whilst creating hero splashes for key areas, allowed to achieve the final look.





Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Russell Traill

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