Character, Digital, VISUALIZATION

Lumiere Studios
DADA Darren Agnew
Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Kostas Strevlos, Russell Traill


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In March this year DADA was commissioned by TfL Visual Services to create a set of 4 online videos to introduce Londoners to TfL’s innovative junction designs. The new junctions are being implemented as part of TfL’s Road Modernisation Plan. The purpose of the plan is to transform cycling in London and to improve the environment for all road users. The plan includes new cycle tracks and cycle safety features, which will be installed across London from 2015 onwards.

The creative brief from TfL marketing was to build entirely CGI environments which were generic yet obviously urban London. The look could be stylized but with realistic modeling and character animation.

Darren Agnew from DADA became the director and art director of the videos and commissioned Lumiere Studios to create the environments. This was an ambitious task and involved animating enough individual cyclists and pedestrians in a realistic and natural way to give the videos all the production quality of live action sequences.

To achieve clear communication of the safety features in each video, the team focused fully on the authentic representation of the new junction designs. They needed to be absolutely correct in every detail according to TfL technical specifications and operate with coordinated vehicle, cycle and pedestrian traffic. At one stage there was even a discussion about the exact height of the pavements.

The videos appear on TFL’s website will also be available to view on YouTube.