Main Reel

A taster of our favourite animation projects from throughout the years.

Check out the reels below for more specific areas of work.

fluids reel

Fluids, Liquids, Water, Simulation, Dynamics. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve done our fair share. Check out a selection here.

Motion Graphics reel

Title sequences, Logo Reveals, Animated Text, Stings, Idents… all in our Motion Reel. 

product reel

We’ve worked with many brands to show case their products. CGI Pack shots, product demos, exploded views, pack interactions.


Lumiere have worked on an array of Visual Effects projects in our time. Here are some of our favourites.

character Reel

We’ve brought many characters to life over the years. The Character animation reel brings some of our favourite clips together.

Info Graphics reel

We love getting across information in an interesting (and informative) way. Animated text, graphs, icons, maps… it’s all here.