Stadium Series

We had a tight deadline but managed to pull off a technical masterpiece in just a few weeks!

PokerStars wanted to make waves in the online poker realm by throwing a colossal tournament with all the bells and whistles!
With an animated cheering crowd, fireworks and confetti, the task was to bring as much excitiment forthe Stadium Series.

Bringing it all together

An online tournament to a massive scale was constructed; complete with ‘cards up’ live commentary over Twitch. To give this epic event the grandeur it deserved, they decided to host it in a virtual stadium, aptly named "The PokerStars Arena."

That's where Lumiere jumped in to create a stunning stadium and all the stadium-related assets.


Imagine virtual tables, a whopping central jumbotron, 43 LED screens, an integrated light show, and even a simulated crowd of 100,000!

The flags were flying high, the adrenaline was pumping, and we didn't stop there. We whipped up a teaser trailer in lightning speed and then dashed to create the opening sequence and 14 living backgrounds for the commentary.


Behind the scenes render showing the detail of the model and simualtions data we created for the Stadium Series. 

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame was a cut away section, showcasing the winners throughout the years. This was hosted in a room overlooking the main stadium. 





Terry Lee, Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Russell Traill

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