Website Rebrand Assets

Animated Website Banners

Sherwen wanted to rebrand their website, with a new identity and brand. Lumiere were called in to help design and create multiple animated banners, that would sit alongside their new site, providing the viewer with a fun and engaging character driven micro animations.

Each film had to be fun, engaging, and scenes would cleverly fold into the next.

It was important that the colours stayed on point with the brand's colour pallette, but also being beautifully lit and rendered.

Story was also key, to demonstrate to the viewer the various ways goods and services could be purchased online, produced and all the way through to delivery.

Behind the scenes

Check out the work as we progressed through the project and how some of the assets go from their early forms, through to the final films.


You can really see the detail put into each scene by looking at the ambient occlusion pass, which is used in the compositing stage of the job to add additional depth and shadow into the scene. 





Terry Lee, Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Russell Traill

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