Philips Saeco Coffee

Brand Assets

AKQA teamed up with Lumiere to create these interactive animations for an iPad app for the new Philips Coffee machine.

Through the app, the user can control the coffee machine: select a coffee of choice, adjust the levels of the different elements of this coffee and choose to brew the coffee. Through this process, the app would show a visual representation of the coffee that would react to the different choices the user is making (adjust the strength of the coffee, the amount of milk, milk foam etc) and as well the different steps when the coffee is brewed (warm milk flowing into the cup, coffee is added, milk foam enters last).

The animations had to be designed in a way that the renders would look great composited together, but also could easily be split apart and layered up again, in real-time for an iPad app.

A mix of RealFlow, Krakatoa and Maxwell Render were used to help create the final result.





Phillips Saeco Coffe


Duncan Burch, Russell Traill, Gavin Lester, Stuart Armiger

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