Holographic outdoor event 

Our pals at Kaleida and Lumiere teamed up to bring a gargantuan project to life: a 60ft-tall hologram of the legendary Master Chief!

This sci-fi masterpiece blasted into action in four different cities worldwide, celebrating the launch of the Halo TV series on Paramount +.

Dubbed the 'HALOgram', this towering projection no less than six stories high, was no easy feat to create. Lumiere's team had to work their magic, rendering, compositing, and upscaling their way to the final result using Topaz Video Enhance AI and Redshift to achieve the resolution fit for the colossal screens.

A monumental achievement indeed!

Beauty_v01 Lambert_00000





Gavin Lester, Duncan Burch, Steve White, Tharun Joseph, Terry Lee

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