Ramadan Adverts

With combined views of over 10 million on Youtube, this project was a resounding success for us & our client!

Lumiere was on a mission to whip up some excitement for Dalda's range of Banaspati, Canola, Sunflower, and Cooking Oil, just in time for Ramadan 2023. 


Intrigue & Mystery

The challenge was to create a sense of intrigue and mystery, slowly building up the excitement with the golden scripture before the big reveal. 

As the go-to cooking oil brand for many households, the team had to tread carefully to make sure the product unveiling left viewers wanting more.

With a tight deadline, 4 animated commercials were needed that would leave viewers spellbound and eager for more.

See more

Checkout Dalda's official Youtube Channel. These animations have been very well received, with many millions of views!

Behind the scenes

Check out the work as we progressed through the project and how some of the assets go from their early forms, through to the final films.





Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Russell Traill, Terry Lee

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