Alien River


As lifelong fans of the Alien franchise, Lumiere were honored to step in and provide some much needed fluid/particle support for this Alien based, Amazon Audible advert.

The Guys at MPH film had done a great job of putting together a brooding, building edit from beautifully shot internal footage,  but it just needed something extra to sell the concept of an entity moving through the body, building and culminating in a final burst of terrifying blood.

With an extremely tight turnaround required (to tie into the release of Alien: Covenant in cinemas) Lumiere built a flexible, pulsing, organic particle system, which we then tracked into each shot and dialed up the intensity as we went.


The end result was pretty effective given the constraints, and it then played out just days later in cinemas across the country.

Nice to be a part of the expanded Alien universe. Box ticked.






MPH Films

Gavin Alien 

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