PokerStars – Stadium Series

Digital, Idents, Motion Graphics, VFX

Animation Production
PokerStars | Internal
Lumiere Studios


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PokerStars were looking to shake up the online poker tournament norm by hosting a huge tournament with a huge production to go with it.

In a mammoth technical effort, they managed to build an online tournament to a massive scale, in just a few months. Complete with ‘cards up’ live commentary over Twitch.  To give the series the sense of scale it deserved, it was decided to host the tournament in a virtual stadium. Dubbed “The Pokerstars Arena”.

Lumiere stepped in to build the Stadium, and all stadium-related assets. Complete with virtual tables, central jumbotron, 43 LED screens, integrated light show, simulated 100,000 capacity crowd, and flags flying all around.

We turned around a teaser trailer in record time, then set to work on the opening sequence and 14 living backgrounds for use throughout the commentary.

The tournament streamed Live over Twitch for 21 days.