PokerStars NG Apps

Digital, Motion Graphics

Poker Stars
Russell Traill, Gavin Lester, Terry Lee


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Lumiere were asked to animate a set of promotional videos, that emulated and highlight the game elements of various Pokerstars games. These promotional films would sit within certain windows of the Pokerstars App, and run as banners on both mobile and tablet. This required us to work across a super wide format, as well as a more traditional formats.

With over 12 videos in the toolkit, and multiple ratios of the same videos required, we had to work to the widest format, whilst designing the framing so that it would still work when cropped to the most standard format.

We also had to simulate super fast poker card action and ensure it was all correct and plausible.

Some films required the action to extrapolate across over 100 tables with up to 9 players on each table.