Poker Stars – How to Play

Character, Digital

Poker Stars
Terry Lee, Russell Traill, Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester, Femi Adegboye, Jose Carlos Poeiras, Rosie Holtom


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Pokerstars approached us with an adventurous brief for a set of poker tutorials. They wanted to build a story centred around their logo, which see’s us follow a central character on his journey from Zero to Hero.

All episodes link back through a menu built from the Pokerstars spade logo. As each episode was created, so the city developed and expanded. This then had to be incorporated into the intros and outros of the previous films.

The Style:

The original brief had us taking cues from Mad Men, but within a 3D environment. Each episode has to exist within a larger City, which would form the Poker Star’s Logo.

We would follow our player as he learns new aspects of how to play poker, using clever camera and animation techniques, to seamlessly blend from one shot to the next. For instance, playing with scale to blend from the top of a city skyscraper, to then be right in the centre of a poker game in their living room.

Or how a winning hand, with a clever use of a camera move, turns into a set of steps for our player to walk down to his next adventure.