Carib Beer

Digital, Fluid/Simulation, Products/Packshots, TVC

Animation Production
Carib beer
Believe Studio
Lumiere Studios


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Teaming up with our friends at Believe Studio, Lumiere created the fluid animations for Carib Blue and Carib Malta.

Carib Malta starts with an elegant flow of beer, circling around the bottle, cutting to a close up of realistic foam.
Finishing on a pouring shot into the beer glass. Particular attention was spent on the subtle beer interaction and secondary bubbles in the main body of beer and the subtle bobbing movement of the foam head.

Carib Blue involved beautiful, sleek gold liquid forming around an invisible bottle.
Using a combination of path based animation with secondary fluid dynamics, allowed us to have full control over the direction and flow of the fluids, yet also for the fluids to have realistic internal interactions, surface tensions and cohesion.

These animations were created for social channels, billboards and TV.