Here at Lumiere we like to try new things, experiment with old techniques in a new way or just generally play about with CG for fun. So what follows is a collection of some of those dabblings for anyone who’s interested. If anything catches your interest, sparks an idea, and you want to work with us to develop it into a going concern then drop us a line. Enjoy!

Tests from our Fishermans Friend job. 

Rigid Body and fluid dynamics.

Bottle Condensation.

Rigid Body and fluid dynamics.

Swimmer causing splashes.

Rigid Body and fluid dynamics. ​

Detailed fluid explosion.

Flood at the museum! 

Huge flood crashing into Truck.

Battleship creating large scale wakes and foam.

Sloshing fluid down a cliff.

Large scale fluids flowing down a canyon,


Giddy Up!

Sloshing Vortex.


Mexican wave fluid test for a Listerine commercial.

Large scale crashing fluid down a cliff.


Wake left behind a fast moving speedboat.

Uppercut splash.


Soldier splashing through a puddle.

Falling tower, rigid bodies and fluid interactions.


Behind the scenes showing the fluid dynamics for Planet Dino.

A sloshing cove.

Corridor Flood.

Behind the scenes of fluid dynamics for our StrongBow commercial.
To create the hero splash, we combined multiple small, controllable fluid setups and then meshed altogether to render the final exploding liquid.

Paddle boat interactions, with foam, on displaced, post sim waves.

Boom! HeadShot.

Particle view of whale tail interactions.

Rolling smoke.

Large scale river flow using SPH particles.

Paddle Boat fluid interactions with foam.

Large scale river flow using SPH particles.

Lumiere Logo rising, made form girders, testing out interactions with large scale fluids.

Cloudy flow.

Efflux particles.

Behind the scenes of our Crown paint commercial.

Fast cloud vapour.

Cloud Particles.

Rolling Smoke.

Cloudy Smoke.

Fluid, Soft Body and Rigid Body interactions.

Tyre with Splash.

Smokey Blue Vapour.



We’ve done a number of tests into 3D Stereoscopic animation. Here’s one of them. We took our work for 4Music’s top 50, and re-outputted it for use with red/cyan anaglyph 3D specs. If you have a pair, pop them on and then click on the picture above to check it out. Unfortunately the video compression used for our web videos is destroying the effect a little, but it looks great uncompressed, honestly

Sweet, Sweet Honey.

Exploding Cubes.


Splashing Cubes.

More Splashing Cubes


Erratic Spray.

Emitting sphere.

Ever changing cube thing.

Round and Round she goes.


Attacking strands of hair.

Large scale fluids for a Dam, using SPH particles.

Wave /Shore Line large scale SPH test

An animation created to test photoreal lighting and rendering.

Three toy cars were “filmed” with a CG camera, to give the effect of a camcorder style movement.

Lighting tests using new rendering algorithms.

A script built especially for SoftImage:XSI.

Allows any object to be automatically duplicated over another objects surface. Built in controls allow the user to define various animation parameters to achieve building effects.

A stand alone tool that creates realistic cloth simulations.

Data can be passed from SoftImage:XSI to the cloth simulator, simulations applied and the data sent back to XSI to be rendered out. Properties including stretch, bend, shear, damping and forces have been implemented. Basic bounding collisions are used to keep the simulation playing in real-time, so the user can see the results instantly. However, sub-steps can be used to give even more detail and realistic results.